Labor Day: The Unofficial End of Summer or Something More

We hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day holiday. Over the years, Labor Day has been viewed as the last gasp of summer fun. While taking this last summer holiday to enjoy some travel or family time is a great idea, the roots of Labor Day can actually be traced to labor unions. Labor Day was established in the late 1800s and early 1900s as a holiday to celebrate the contributions of our country’s workers and was initially proposed by organized labor unions. Click here for the history of Labor Day.

The Labor Day holiday should serve as a reminder to union-free employers that organized labor is still working hard to represent the employees at their companies. Your management team should spend some quality time on a regular basis communicating with your employees and listening to their concerns. This is a great way to ensure your company remains union-free. If management fails to establish a rapport and maintain a good working relationship with their employees, this opens the door for people outside the company to have those conversations. I’m sure most of you would prefer the good working relationship start within the company as opposed to outside the company.

So now that you have made the most of your holiday weekend courtesy of the labor movement, get back to work building those internal relationships.

Eric Turner
Eric Turner

Foulston Employment Law Attorney